Your number one daily time stealer

Everyday you get limited amount of time to utilise. That time you can utilize for your work or something that is important to you. But instead some amount of time from your limited lot gets stolen everyday by a specific thing. That’s your number one time stealer. Do you know what it is? Social Media.

Everyday different people posting different things gets you hooked up once you open any social media platform. The platforms are designed in such a way that once you get into it you will easily get hooked up. And before you realise you have wasted precious amount of time on it.

So understanding this fact you should be cautious how and when to utilise social media platforms and other related portals and websites. You should also be specific about the amount of time you would be spending on it. Otherwise unknowingly you will be stolen of your precious time that you can never get back. So be mindful and cautious about it everyday.

If you can quit social media platforms or stop using it you can see how much time you can save everyday. But I am not suggesting to quit it altogether, just be mindful and cautious about the time you spend there. It’s because social media platforms can work for good as well if you use them properly. So to be productive everyday you must be aware about this daily time stealer.

If you are using the Enlivay app then you can log activities and time spent on social media sites. This will help you to keep track of your time and at least you will have some insights to make informed decision about how and where to spend your time. Hope you will be watchful and don’t let this daily time stealer rob you of your precious time.

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