This is the reason you fail to be consistent

You understand that to be successful and effective in life and whatever work you do, you need to be consistent. You understand the importance of consistency. But you may often find that you fail to be consistent. Do you know the most important reason for it? Let's discuss.

The most important reason you fail to be consistent is because you give in to the unproductive thoughts and emotions of the mind. You want to do the work, but your mind is in a different state due to coming under influence of negative thoughts, news or experiences.

Everyday you experience both positive and negative things. For example, you may lose money someday or someone might say something bad to you or you simply fail to do your task well. All these kind of things produce negative feelings and impressions inside your mind. And when they do, you will find it hard to execute and carryout your work and be consistent.

Feeling low or unmotivated you simply give in to the negative state of your mind and don't do what you should be doing. So if you can understand this process of the mind, you can motivate yourself by not coming under the influence of the negative or unmotivated mindset.

Whenever you feel disappointed or feel low and find it hard to start working for the day simply remind yourself that regardless of the state of your mind you have to do you daily job, you have to be consistent. For a specific period of time suspend the negative feelings and thoughts of your mind and execute your work. Of course this will require you to utilise your will power, but certain amount of it everyone has.

If you understanding this, can overcome the negative state of your mind then you can be consistent. This may require certain practice initially, but once you start doing it, it will become easier for you.

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