Spending your daily time wisely

Everyday you get only a limited amount time of 24 hours. How do you fill in those time, with what activities? Ever try to observe and log the time your spend? If you do you will find that without your notice you might be spending time in many useless activities.

So it becomes important to plan and spend your time wisely everyday. You have to spend certain amount of your time in health related activities like exercising, yoga, etc. Certain amount of time in daily chores and family or home related activities. You have to spend majority of your time in work related activities and only a minor amount of time in entertainment of leisure activities.

This is how you should plan your daily activities and spend your time wisely. You also have to make sure that the time you are spending on some activities should culminate into something good in the future. Otherwise what will happen is that after many years you may find that all your past actions resulted in nothing. You merely survived or existed without your work ending in production of something worthwhile or valuable.

So you should spend time wisely everyday for works not just for the present needs, but also for future requirements, building of nation, society, etc. These kind of activities help you to ensure that you continue to live in a good society and live a productive life. So go ahead think and plan your activities and spend your time wisely everyday.

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