Importance of filtering out daily noise

We are living in a time where inputs in forms of news, opinions, social media posts, talks, etc. coming to our mind constantly. And all these pieces are of information are of differing nature. Some are positive and some are negative. The most important thing to understand is that some are also noise.

Noise are those set of information you are getting but which are of no use or value to you. You must think in terms of this to identify which are noise. And once you find out that, you must treat them as unnecessary and filter them out from your consumption.

The reason it is important to filter out these daily noise is because if you don't do so, they will unnecessary take up your mental place, processing and produce effects on your mind that you don't need. They will take your time and possibly may lead you to activities or thoughts by which you will lose more time.

That's why you have to think in this way and identifying daily noise filter them out. Don't unnecessarily intake noise into your mental system.

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