Life can be chaotic, complex and messy. Enlivay helps you to live an organized, ordered and productive life.

Manage your tasks, goals, activities and expenses - all within our easy to use platform. With the posts and articles in our blog and the easy to use app Enlivay helps you to live a better life everyday.

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Organise your life

With features to manage different aspects and areas of your life, you can easily stay productive and organised.



Create, manage and organise your daily tasks and todo items



Keep track of your time spent in different activities.



Keep control of your finance through budgets and logging expenses



Set, track and achieve your different life and activity goals

Enlivay - The enlightened living platform.

Enlivay has been created as a tool to help you live life the enlightened way as per The Enlightened Living Model (TELM).

You will find tips, tools and articles in Enlivay to manage, organise and optimize different areas of your life like health, finance, work, etc. You can easily manage all different activities of TELM with Enlivay.

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